.. Tear



God has granted me a blessing
.I'm not sure He has granted to all
I'm sure that
.I've misinterpreted their meaning
.I've made too much of them
I've equated them
.to being in God's special presence
And even now
.I'm not sure that's always amiss
But, whatever they do signify, they're
,intensely meaningful to me
.intensely helpful
When the tears flow
,as I seek the Lord in love
I feel like
something good is happening
... in my relationship with God 
,something encouraging
.something intensely satisfying
I don't want to tell anyone they should
.share in my blessing of tears
I certainly don't want to set anyone
on a quest for tears
,as a sign of something . . . anything
All I can say is that
for me they're a great blessing
.and encouragement in the Lord
.And without them I am saddened
.I grieve as for a very best friend
In fact, I may never have felt anything
more sharply than I have
the loss of the sense of seeking or
experiencing something of God's presence
and the tears that for me are ...
.so vital a part of it all 
May I never again
.be long deprived of them, I pray
If I am, may I gladly accept it
as a part of God's working
,all things for my good
,At the same time
,may I apply my heart, mind
,and spirit fully to seeking
,no, not tears, but God Himself lovingly
,worshipfully, restfully, peacefully
.quietly, even silently
And be glad when He graciously grants
.the blessing of tears


   ..by Ron Marr..

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