.. God s will

God will not leave anything undone. l
God is a big God and He is able to
do whatever He wants to do for us. l

We need to ask God what He thinks about something
before we do it. l
God keeps a perfect record, and He has a perfect record
of each and everyone of us. l
God knows your heart, l
He knows your thoughts, l l
He knows what you are doing and what you are gonna do, l
even before we do it or say it. l
He knows if you are sincere with Him or not. l
And He will forgive you and
wipe the slate clean ,if you are sincere with
Him and sincere about being forgiven. l
Listen group, SIN is destructive and it will destroy you, l
and you will pay for it! l
Sin has a payday. l
Listen, You don't belong to the devil. l
Fear the Lord and flee from satan. l
Don't think about giving up on the Lord, l
but draw nigh to Him! l
There is an eternity in Salvation, l
and there is an eternity in sin! l
In sin, there will be an eternity in torments. l
If you die in sin, l
you will suffer for an eternity in hell and in your sins. l
If you make it to Heaven, l
you will be with Jesus for eternity, l
You will live forever with no pain, l
no sorrow, l
no heartache, l
no sickness, l
nor dieing. l
You will have peace and joy beyond compare! l
Please don't stand before God with sin in your life. l
Christ suffered for our freedom, l
for our sins, l
Jesus bore the cross and took our stripes, l
so that we may be free. l
Rather you choose Heaven or hell, l
 is entirely up to you! l
God's Grace is sufficient! l
And Salvation is free!! l
You don't have to pay for salvation, l
because Jesus did that for you, l
when He died on that cross! l
The price is paid in full by Jesus Christ's Blood! l
God's Grace is sufficient to keep you. l
God can take care of you. l
Call upon God today and
let Him into your hearts. l
Don't go another day without Jesus Christ living within you. l
We never know when it is our time, l
it could be today, tonight, tomorrow, l
it could be in the next blink of an eye. l
Get prepared today and accept Christ in your hearts. l
Place your eyes on Jesus, my friends. l
We need to learn to listen to God and do as God says. l
Don't be just a hearer, but be a doer of God's Word. l
Take God's Word out to a dying world
and tell them Jesus loves them. l
Jesus loves the sinner and He wants the best for them all. l
Take the Love Jesus placed within your hearts
and take it to the sinner, l
letting them see the love of God within you and showing them
the love God has placed within you. l
God is merciful and God is understanding and
God is also a God of wrath. l
Hear the Lord today my friends
and let Jesus set you free of your sins. l
Let Jesus place a new love within your heart today!!! l
Jesus Christ is real! l
Hearken to His voice today! l
God understands you even
 when noone else seems not to and God has a plan for you, l
 God has a plan for us all!! l
Amen? Amen!!!! l
Surrender your all to God today, come as you are and let
God clean your life up.. l
Take God by the hand and let Him lead you! l
Hallalujah!!! l
Praise His name! l
Glory to God!!!! l
God loves you and so do! l

 l``By Vicky l

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