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 Forget your name for a while. Let’s say that
l “Who am I?” is a real question now. l
Escaping name and form means finding out
who you really are. Most of the time we
experience ourselves through limitation. l
Playing a role is a limitation, yet every person
slips in and out of roles all the time. l
It is difficult for most children to accept the fact
that mothers live lives that are not centered
entirely around motherhood–such is the natural
self-centeredness of all small children. But over
time we learn to slip into our own roles by following
the examples of our parents. l
Taking on more roles seems like a way of
expanding our experience. A woman who was
only a mother would find her life suffocating. l
Being “complete” in our society means wearing
as many hats as possible. But being complete
really means being free from all roles. l
I am a free spirit reduced to the appearance
of this little body. l
Stepping out of the role playing is a tricky business, l
yet you cannot define yourself through the roles
you play. So what is the experience of being entirely
free from roles? It is actually quite simple. l
When you wake up in the morning, there is an instant
before  you start thinking about your day, a moment of
just feeling awake without any particular thoughts on
your mind. You are just yourself, in a simple state
of awareness. l
This experience of simplicity repeats itself off and on
during the day, but few people notice it, because our habit
is to identify with the thinking process. l
It too goes on throughout the day. In reality, however, l
you are not what you are thinking. l
Roles come to an end, and one day each of us is faced
with the riddle “Who am I?” l
which never got answered, no matter how well we played
our roles.

l  Adapted from The Way of the Wizard:l`
Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want `
By Deepak Chopra -Harmony Books, 1995 `


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