.. Closed Doors

Pure being: When this door is closed, l
we exist in separation. There is
underlying dread of death, a loss of
connection, and the absence of any
divine presence. l
Conditioned bliss: When this door is
closed, life is joyless. Happiness
is only a passing state. There is no
opening for peak experiences. l
Love: When this door is closed, life
is heartless. We feel isolated in a
gray world where other people are
distant, detached figures. There is
no sense of a loving hand in creation. l
Intuition: When this door is closed, l
life loses it subtlety. The person
lacks insight, has no flashes of
brilliance, no exhilarated “Aha!” l
moments. The subtle web of connectedness
that holds the universe together is
completely hidden form view. l
Imagination: When this door is closed, l
the mind is devoid of fantasy. l
We see everything in literal terms–art
and metaphor count very little. l
Important decisions are approached
with technical analysis, and there
is no hope of a sudden creative leap. l
Reason: When this door is closed, l
life makes no sense. We are ruled by
random impulses. No course of action
can be followed to its conclusion, l
and decisions are made irrationally. l
Emotion: When this door is closed, l
feelings are frozen. There is little
or no room for compassion and empathy. l
Events seem disconnected, without flow, l
and other people present no chance for

Adapted from The Book of Secrets, l *
by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2004). *

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