.. Recovering the Soul

Make this today’s promise to yourself,l
to look inside for guidance. l
Everyone needs support, and generally
we look outside ourselves–to family, l
friends, coworkers, and like-minded
people–for validation. This kind of
support makes you feel that you are
right. The ego gets assurance that
you are not alone. l
But spirit wants to develop uniquely. l
It sends support to the inner person. l
Instead of making you feel that you are
right, spiritual support adds to your
sense of being free, at peace, loving, l
and aware. Be open to those feelings, l
because openness is the first step to
transformation. l
When you feel moments of being uncertain
and alone, tell yourself that you have
the same worth as your soul. In situations
where you feel the urge to assert, disagree, l
or resist, don’t follow that impulse. l
Find your own peace; accept the situation, l
and then watch. l
Do you see signs that what you want out
of the situation can happen without
resistance or assertiveness? When you
value the support spirit is giving, l
the grip of ego is loosened immediately. l
You are capable of seeing any situation
as spirit sees it, not just as ego does. l
If you value that capacity, it will grow. l
Go about your routine, keeping faith with
what you honor. By honoring stillness, l
you are touching one piece of the soul’s
treasure. l

l " Adapted from The Deeper Wound: Recovering the Soul from Fear and Suffering, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2001). "l

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