.. Anxious Feelings

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. l
l :: 1 Peter 5:7 :: l

houghts: l

So often our worries are so heavy because we refuse to put them down. l

Let's cast our burdens on the Lord. l

Let's consciously put our future in his hands. l

Let's trust our worrisome fears to his care. l

lWe know he loves us and longs to sustain and comfort us because of
what he has done to save us. l


Holy God and loving Father, I consciously place my fears, worries, l
anxieties, and burdens in your hands. I know that I have so little
power to change the outcome of these events and situations that
can cause me to have these anxious feelings. l

However, dear Father, I trust that you will work what is pleasing to
you, and best for me, out of these situations. l
Forgive me for my anxious thoughts and for letting my own worry
become an idol that robs you of my full trust. l
Strengthen and empower me to trust you more by the power and
presence of your Spirit. l
In Jesus' name I pray. l
Amen. l


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