.. Kindness

Just say Hi to those you meet, l
whether in stores or on the street. l
It will distract them from their worry, l
even though they're in a hurry. l

Just a smile upon your face
will change your next door neighbour's pace. l
It will put a skip in their walk, l
instead of silence they will want to talk. l

Just a handshake can do much, l
it gives a stranger a friendly touch. l
You can give your love in many ways, l
spreading sunshine all your days. l

Just a little deed to help someone out, l
can lift a burden there's no doubt. l
Show your kindness everyday, l
for our master will repay. l

Just a prayer for those you know, l
could help someone when
It is better to die with memories than"
to live with only dreams." l

l ×. by  Aanonymous .×l

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