.. Anchor Of My Heart

The storms of life may rage around me
and toss me to and fro, l
I've an anchor that I hold onto
and He'll never let me go! l

My body maybe be tired and weary
my spirit battered and torn
but my anchor, who is Lord of all
will protect me from the storm! l

He's my rock that I can cling to
and in him I'll safely hide; l
He has given me a firm foundation
which will stand against the tide! l

With him, nothing is impossible
no obstacle can stand; l
I'll just put my trust in His own word
and hold tightly to His hand! l

He's the anchor which will hold me
till the storm has run it's course; l
I will fear no harm from evil
for my heavenly Father is my source! l

He's the anchor of my heart and soul
the rock of my salvation; l
He's the one who'll always stand by me
He's the God of all creation! l


  Helen Johnson ::

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