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Here are some suggestions for ways to grasp
that death is not a dreaded enemy but an
essential part of life: l

Allow yourself to be near someone who is dying.  l
Resist the fear that makes you shun them or
stay away because you don’t want to interfere. l

Try to imagine your own death and then try to
imagine your own birth.  l l
No matter how hard you try, both are impossible
in any corner of your consciousness.  l
There is no hint of a beginning or an ending.  l
Consider, then that your parents were not telling
you the whole truth when they said you were born
on a certain day. Inside we all feel ourselves as
always having lived, which is true. l

Go out into nature and stand by an old tree.  l
Look up at it and realize that nothing you are
seeing is stable or permanent.  l
That solid trunk is a cloud of subatomic particles
whirling in space, each one more than 99.9999
percent empty. l

Oxygen and hydrogen, for example, exist as
invisible gases, yet when they bind into water,  l
those properties cease to exist.  l
There was extinction of old forms to bring about
the emergence of new ones never seen before.  l
All creativity works this way.  l
New and secret qualities are waiting to be born. l
It is the joy of life to be part of their birth. l

Death is your greatest friend, because when you
shed this body and personality, you are giving
back to the source old outworn materials to be
reshaped.  l
You are not giving rise to a repeat of you, but to
a new being that shoots forth with newly emergent
qualities, qualities you in your current state cannot
imagine. l



Adapted from: The Deeper Wound +
Recovering the Soul from Fear and Suffering,  l
by Deepak Chopra -Harmony Books, 2001 +

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