.. Fear


A couple of years ago, as assistant manager at a store, I was
sent to the bank to deliver a deposit. l

On my route there I spotted a yard sale. To my surprise there
sat something I had been looking for. Against my better
judgment, I decided to stop. l

After all, I could lock the bag up in the car and be safe. l
This I did. I got out, shut my door, then... I heard the
buzzer still buzzing. Just as the door tightly shut I realized
what that buzzing sound meant. That's right; the keys were
still in the ignition. l

Now what to do? l

This was not very responsible on my part. The sickly feeling
turned my nervous stomach at the thought of having to call the
manager and explain what had happened. The fear that engulfed
me was awful. She would be so upset with me. l
I probably would lose my job. Mostly it was the fear. l

I borrowed a phone, made the call to her and got someone on the
way to open the door. l

Standing beside my car waiting the Lord spoke something so clear
to me that day. He said, l
"Do you fear Me like you do man?" l

l - by Janie Douglas, Dayton, TN -l

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