.. Mighty Sea

Life is like a mighty sea
So tossed and driven; l
Billows rise within the heart of every man; l
Storms so many times will leave
The heart with questions; l
You don’t need to understand just hold His hand. l

I don’t need to understand
I just need to hold His hand; l
I don’t ever need to ask the reason, why; l
For I know He’ll make a way
Through the night and through the day; l
I don’t need to understand, l
I just need to hold His hand. l

When my life down here is through
And Jesus calls me; l
To my home up there, beyond the golden shore; l
I’ll look back, review the path
That lay before me; l
Then I won’t need to understand anymore. l

l *~ Sang by Jimmy Swaggart ~* l

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but how that your eyes are all the world

your note shows a deep lack of natural laws.. and it is so good but how...shows an accordance to your note it is a part of a poem I want to hum the oblivium whisper but how that your eyes ...